About us

Bike Walk Glastonbury, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization of individuals interested in Glastonbury who share a vision of expanding and enhancing walking and cycling for transportation, recreation, health, and the environmental improvement of the community.

At the invitation of the Town of Glastonbury, the organization crafted a Master Plan that:

  1. Creates a system of multi-use (walking, jogging, biking, rollerblading, handicapped accessible), off-road trails within Glastonbury that have linkages to town roads, regional bikeways, and the trails and roads of surrounding towns.
  2. Enhances existing roadways by providing better signage, infrastructure, and physical road improvements in order to provide a safer, more enjoyable walking and cycling experience.
  3. Provides guidance to the Town of Glastonbury for the planning and development of a more pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly community.
  4. Includes working with other communities, organizations and state agencies that share the same vision of executing regional and state goals of promoting the many benefits of walking and bicycling.

Bike Walk Glastonbury strives to execute the Master Plan by working with the Town of Glastonbury and by raising funds through membership contributions, fundraising events, corporate donations, foundation grants, and public funding.

Please see the Bike Walk Glastonbury Mission Statement.

For a list of our achievements to date, please see the Accomplishments section of the Glastonbury Bicycle Master Plan.

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