Share the Road

Deb Dauphinais with a Share the Road CT sign

Deb Dauphinais helped advocate for Share the Road signs on busy Connecticut roads

You may have noticed the yellow “Share the Road” signs around town. Bike Walk Glastonbury and the Town of Glastonbury have worked together for several years to install approximately 40 signs throughout our town. They remind both motorists and bicyclists that they have equal rights and responsibilities when using our roadways.

Plans are underway to add a small rectangular sign to each of these, reminding drivers of the “Three-Feet Passing Rule” when overtaking bicyclists. Thanks to advocacy from Bike Walk Glastonbury board members among others, it is now a legal requirement in Connecticut for cars to allow at least three feet of space when overtaking cyclists.

See the Connecticut DOT website for more information on Share the Road CT and the Three-Feet Passing Rule.




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  1. Wendy Kolanz says:

    The “share the road” signs are great, but absolutely insufficient. Where are the walkers and runners?

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