Bike Walk Glastonbury, formerly Glastonbury Bikeways, is a non-profit organization whose is mission to provide citizen advocacy and support for a more cycling and walking friendly environment within Glastonbury.

State of Connecticut presents a check to Glastonbury Bikeways members

Tom Kehoe (far left) helped secure $600,000 in state funds for the Smith School Greenway

Bike Walk Glastonbury created the Glastonbury Bicycle Master Plan in 2006. We advocated within the Town of Glastonbury and State of Connecticut for approval and funding, with the result that the Town budgeted a portion of the funds over several years.

Former State Representative Tom Kehoe was instrumental in obtaining state funding – which makes up over 50 percent of the cost.

The Glastonbury Bicycle Master Plan proposes both east-west and north-south connections across town, using both on-road and off-road segments. The plan would ultimately connect the Buckingham section of town (where a path currently parallels Hebron Avenue) to the community center, and then travel south to the Glastonbury Ferry.

The first section of greenway, a one-mile pedestrian and cycle path extending from Smith Middle School to Bell Street in Glastonbury, will be completed by May 2012.

Bike Walk Glastonbury anticipates that the next section for completion would extend the current path west to House Street, providing safe access under Route 2 to the center of town. The east-west section of the greenway would provide a scenic alternative to Hebron Avenue, for individuals to use for both transportation and recreational purposes.

We are also involved with advocating for the Putnam Bridge Walk and Cycle Way.

We have been involved in the campaign to save the Glastonbury-Rocky Hill Ferry.

We have installed 40 “Share the Road” signs on busy roads in Connecticut.




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